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When the whole world underestimate you, keep calm and build your-self. When you done they will get their perfect answer.

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“There is nothing” just imagine it . Only you in the empty space .  And there is no light as well as dark .


If you can imagine such a situation then you have really the imagination power .

And believe that there has an existence of Nothing





Whats call death ?????

Die in the way of true is not call the death.

Die for your remonstrance against  the injustice is not call the death.


Showing your back and escape with your life from the battlefield is call the death… Imagine the battlefield is every where .


wherever you see injustice and just take the roll of visitor is call death.


that life have no meaning..


Feel the HUMANITY and beleive in the power of truth and justicefearA


Stream Of Life

Once upon a time, there was no memory,
Only the present.

Now there is the present,
And some little memory.

And at a time, there will be no present,

Across all only be a memory

Maybe a day , there will no existence of that ..

For those who will keep that memory by heart ,,

Once there will no one

To keep those people’s memory……………..


Realization FEELing

Everything we should feel .If we dont try to feel, only do . Then there will a meaningless result .It may be “the best” or “the worst” . But it doesn’t matter happening the best or the worst . It does matter that “can you feel it or not?” . And you have to feel the definition of “FEEL” . If you feel that then you can realize something. And it is the great secret ……..